b2131b9aa9dea60272eb0b66a0cc14a5 India has been one of those prominent countries who’s producing the world’s most renowned faces in all the walks of life. Especially talking about her empowering ladies talking about politics, cinema,business, journalism, sports etc… in every way and everywhere. With many other gems bringing crowns to the nation, one another good news came floating to India was about one of her renowned face whose known popularly for her intellects and beauty. The Planet Social loves to talk about Powerful women and who best signifies power and beauty other than Nita Ambani.

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http://fisflug.is/?yrus=fare-trading-con-unicredit&ab5=0a Nita Ambani the chairperson and founder of Reliance Foundation has been recent, nominated for her membership at the International Olympic Committee, which makes her the first Indian Woman to be on the apex sporting body if she gets selected after the elections which are scheduled to take place from August2- 4.

IOC being the supreme authority of the Olympic Movement and is responsible for holding of the summer and winter Olympics and Paralympics. “Nita Ambani, Founder and Chairperson of Reliance Foundation has been nominated as a candidate to be a new member, pending election, of the IOC,” a statement said. The independent selection process follows a new procedure for recruitment of IOC members based on the Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendations. Once elected, she will continue to be a member until the age of 70.

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penegra buy now Nita Ambani has bagged herself this nomination on the basis of her efforts in encouraging education and sports from the grassroots level here in India, to ensure the power and strength to the children and needy ones who are unable to get what is their birthright. In her interview with other dailies, she said: Ambani said, “I believe in the power of sport to shape our youth, to bring together communities and bridge gaps between cultures and generations. I am grateful to IOC for this opportunity, it’s a recognition of India and Indian women. I am looking forward to the opportunity to contribute to meeting the goals of IOC.”

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We wish Nita Ambani all the best for her good work and rise and shine efforts. More power to her and all those women out there to see and get inspired with all that they have inside them by realising the fact that it just takes a sprint of fire to do something for themselves.

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