The city of love, Paris is called so because of sundry reasons, some of which includes its alluring sights, beautiful language and renowned cuisines which makes it one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. The city is known for Eiffel Tower as well as for being the fashion hub of the world but you can find equal ecstasy in simple things there like a romantic walk along the river Seine, sidewalk cafe dining and of course the night view it offers of the city especially the gleaming Eiffel Tower. Along with all this, the city also offers the classic art and architecture.

I visited the city with the love of my life and got memories to preserve for a lifetime in return albeit  spent only three days there.

We were lucky and got an amazing company of my friend, Timothy Butler along with his beautiful wife Solenn who showed me around.The thing which is definite to try when in Paris is their wine collection and different kinds of cheese.

The whole city requires your attention and is meant to be seen but here I will list some of my personal favourite places to be visited in this city of love. The list goes as…

Château de Versailles

This majestic palace is a testimony of the Sun King’s extravaganza. The Versailles Palace, as it’s commonly called is the ideal model for places in Europe and provides a spectacular view. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my life and that makes me glad that I could visit it. It is located on the outskirts of the city and requires a whole day to be seen. The palace has various rooms which are all explicitly designed but the most notable ones are- The Hall of mirrors, Chapel of Versailles, The Grand Apartment and Royal Opera. It also comprises of a strikingly beautiful garden full of fountains and scenic landscapes which make it the largest Palace garden in Europe.

Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is mostly the first stop of all the art lovers while their visit to Paris. It is the largest museum in the world and embodies some of the most renowned pieces like Venus de Milo, Mona Lisa, Winged Victory of Samothrace along with the best Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities collection and paintings from middle age. It is believed that if you spend 30 seconds on each art piece, it will take you 33 days to finish the museum. So, one needs to prepare the list beforehand of all the categories needed to be seen in a day.


This place holds an amazing picturesque view and is one of the most profound places in Paris. It can be seen rising high above the rooftops from across the city. This 130-meter high hill is not only famous for its perfect picture moment but also for the church build upon it. Anyone visiting Paris needs to visit this place and find a moment of peace admiring its scenic beauty.The place is buzzing with people playing music or doing tricks. Known for its lively milieu and artsy atmosphere, this place can be explored by walking around. On the streets, you can find people busy working on their paintings, open cafes and live music all around.

You can also visit the famous Moulin Rouge on Boulevard de Clichy which is closeby. And don’t forget to take a picture in front of the windmill. You can also check out a show at the place where Cancan dancing was invented and later, enjoy the nigh life of the city as it’s filled with bars and nightclubs.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower, the name itself is the epitome of love as all the lovers visiting Paris make it a point to go there. Even if you do not wish to visit it, you will still see the glimpse of this world famous structure from all over Paris as it rises 300 meters tall. The best view of it can be seen at the night when it’s all glittery and stands beautifully.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is an exquisite cathedral located in the central Paris and is a great example of French gothic architecture, sculpture and stained glass. You can also get a good view from the top of it.

After all the visits to these places, it’s must to take a tour of Seine River cruise at night with the bottle of wine of course to end your memorable trip to Paris.

Picture Courtsey : Timothy Butler

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