Travel Hacks: Basic Vacation Essentials list

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go here Vacations are the best way to cope up with your daily life stress and rejuvenate you. To make the vacation much more relaxing and enjoyable, it is preferable to plan it beforehand and The Planet Social will be happy to help you in doing so. You should consider making a list of places to be visited, do pre-bookings for the hotels you are planning to stay in and more. One of the most important things that you need to do is prepare a checklist of all the essentials you will need while on vacation as these small necessities can easily spoil your trip if not available. So, for you to have your dream vacation, travel bloggers from The Planet Social presents you with a list of basic vacation essentials:

1. Travel Documents

follow link Travel documents like passport, visa, personal id, transportation tickets, emergency contacts and more should be kept when you are planning to travel. These documents are very important if you wish to enjoy your trip without any hiccups.

2. Sunglasses

hook up mississauga You need to have sunglasses especially if you are planning to visit a sunny place. Also, the sunglasses have the power to oomph your personality and make you ready to beat the sun while looking all good.

3.Cameras and their batteries

buy generic lexapro cheap You require cameras for capturing all those beautiful moments you are going to experience on your trip. Keeping charged batteries along with the camera makes you prepared.

 4. Phone Chargers

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cheap prinivil 20 Phone chargers are required to keep your phone charged and people often tend to forget these mini accessories which make them buy new ones on the go.

5.Personal hygiene products

You need to pack personal hygiene products so as to not ignore your personal hygiene even when you are out. It includes stuff like sanitiser, wet wipes, deodorants, nail cutter etc.


Often we get toiletries in the hotels but still, it is preferable to pack them as well. Things like tooth brush, toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, shaving kit and soap which you will be requiring every day comes in it.


You require swimsuits if you wish to go to the pools or if you are visiting a beach destination as it is not preferred to wear regular clothes inside the water as well.

 7.First Aid kit


A first aid kit with prescriptions, allergy medicines, bandages, scissors, insect repellent etc should always be there in your travel bag.

8.Makeup kit

It’s good to have a makeup kit and put all your related stuff in it rather than keeping all products scattered in your bag.

 9.Skin care products

Skin care products like body lotion, sunscreen, lip balm, face wash, cold cream etc should also be packed for keeping you away from any sort of skin problems while travelling.

10.Empty plastic bags

You can use these plastic bags for various purposes so it is always wise to pack some extra pair of sealable plastic bags.

Also, don’t forget to pack the clothing items according to the destination you are heading towards. Pack winter clothing if travelling to cold places and vice versa. Consider carrying umbrellas as well if it rains often at that place.  Have fun!

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