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Out of the many unique things that make India famous is ‘our water storage and maintaining system’ which we have been managing since ages. I mean though, the system and global environment concerns occur here as well, but in the bygone times those were impeccable systems we created. The best examples of this maintenance stand tall in front of us, the step-wells of Indian history. Popularly known or called as ‘Baoli’ are one of those main sources of water which finds its root from the back dates of Indian History. The Planet Social has brought something of great value to the history as an immense source of inspiration for your next junctions of travel. This time we have curated a list of special yet, famous and exotic the step-wells of Delhi or the ‘Baoli’ which Delhi proudly owns. With these having leisure favourable design and architecture, Baolis used to and still serve the best spots for relaxing and feel the breeze around when one wants to be in self-illumination!


The step-wells of Delhi!A gem of a discovery for the traveler looking for lost histories and forgotten monuments. Once inside, a flight of stairs lead you into this magnificently built Baoli which is 60 meters in length and has close to 103 steps. It is open from 9-am to 5-pm.


The step-wells of Delhi!Built by the slave turned Sultan Iltutmish, Gandhak ki baoli in its hey days possessed the healing powers of sulphur. However, it today doesn’t even have a drop of water. It remains a trailer to the ruins of a settlement that had developed in the 16th and 17th century.


The step-wells of Delhi!A 3 story step-well that has made its own niche among various monuments, as a relic of the last pre-mughal dynasty, the Lodhis. It is said to be used by ‘RAJ-MISTRI’ turned out to be named as ‘Rajon ki baoli’ It remains open from sunrise to sunset.


The step-wells of Delhi!This opulent baoli dating back to the Mughal period witnessed a lot of havoc until it was restored by the ASI. It is quite a unique structure with perpendicular staircases from two sides, lined with chambers at the intersection of which lies a pit, attached to the well. It costs Rs. 10 for Indians and Rs. 150 for foreigners.


The step-wells of Delhi!

Despite being 800 plus years, it is one of those only baoli which still has an active underground spring. A lovely sight to visit.

Special Contribution- Mohammed Sajid

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