It has appeared to me recently that a friend of mine wanted to buy a cool pair of earrings for herself which unfortunately didn’t suit her at all. Reason? Well, the reason was nothing more than the simple logic of fashion which she forgot to follow. The Planet Social has brought to you some easy and handy tips to understand the correct face shape you have and what earrings will suit you the best to look like the diva you are. As a fashion blogger, I am convinced to bring the best information for you. After all, what’s fashion without sense? It has to be something that struck your head and make you think about every mini aspects of it in a light of evolution of a persona. The best example to support is the evolution of fashion from the centuries to present. Nevertheless, earrings are important and you must choose the right earrings for your face!

The right earrings for your face!These are of different shapes and sizes but will always be suitable in a smaller shape for anyone with round shape regarding the volume the face has.

The right earrings for your face!The earrings of any shape will suit you but the best ones will always be teardrop earrings.

The right earrings for your face!Wearing a chandelier earrings are the best you can carry.

The right earrings for your face!Establish the look impression with those Hoop- Earrings, they bring the air in the blow when they dangle in the air in your ears. Oh, Beauty!

The right earrings for your face!
Flaunt that elegant shape and sharp looks with those dangling long pieces of earrings and pins that can just make the look up-heaven!

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Special Contributor- Mohammed Sajid

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