So what I suck as friend, daughter or wife!

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So what I suck as a friend, daughter or wife!
Yes…I haven’t called my friends for ages.
I have stopped gossiping with my mum for hours for 4& 1/2 years now.
All my Watsapp group is about “school mums” “first mums” “yummy mummy” “sporty mums” & so on..
All my extra-time (which I hardly get) goes in learning new recipes for my picky-eater boy.
My 4 am friend is my son’s paediatrician.
Weekends are all about ‘picnics’ ‘kidzania’ ‘zoo visits’ ‘kids museum’
My ‘dinner dates’ are now replaced with ‘donut dates’ with my sunny buoy
My picture gallery is filled with my little pranksters tricks and selfies
Holidays are all about planning our trip to Disney World and Magical Harry Porter museum
I literally live in my pajamas all day
I clean up my house thrice, yet it is messy by the end of the day
Sundays and holidays are the busiest for me
I work 365 days with no sick leaves, no fixed lunch break or dinner break
…..And yet you all turn around and say – “What does she do all day at home?… “She has a life of a queen” “Why is your child in day care?”
Really? …I am a Mum.
What is your Super Power?

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