It’s always difficult for men to manage their wardrobe but it definitely is a must do if you wish to have a neat wardrobe which further will help you find all your clothes easily. A good placement of clothes is always helpful and also makes your wardrobe look organised. Here are some pointers by the Planet Social Team, with the help of which you can manage your wardrobe effortlessly…



  • It is better to categorise clothing items according to their type rather than their colour like all shirts together and all pants hung together.


  • Let go of the old stuff. Yes, we know that was once your favourite shirt but if it’s not worth wearing any more than it’s better to move it out of your closet and make room for other things.


  • Fold the items like socks, shorts or handkerchiefs and put them in drawers or different shelves. You can also consider parting the drawers or shelves for placing different items in a drawer.


  • For making more space, you can set your clothes in your wardrobe after ironing them. Ironed clothes take up much less space as compared to the ones that are not ironed.


  • Invest in wardrobe organisers like hangers, tie hanger, plastic drawer partition boxes, coat’s cover and more to make it easy for you to organise clothes.


  • Place all your accessories in a certain box like your watches, sunglasses and other small items. This will make you easily choose the one that compliments your look most within no time.


  • A separate shoe rack or shelf should be there for placing our shoes. You can also place formal, casual and sports shoes in different columns or shelves.


Also, try placing clothes in your wardrobe seasonally. Put winter clothes in a trunk when it’s summer and vice versa, this will make it so much easier for you to manage your wardrobe.

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