Art and fashion share the same soul. The enduring bond between the two is a celebration of expression, versatility and vision. Like a few strokes of the brush can infuse a canvas with life, fashion has also found a resonant voice through art.

 Renowned designers such as Elsa Schiaparelli and Alexander McQueen have kept the synergy of art and fashion alive through their collections; season after season art takes on a new avatar, and we are exposed to the old and the contemporary interpretations of art on the runway and the streets. Cubism, Neoplasticism, photorealism and overlays of surrealism have been translated vividly through textiles before. Today we derive inspiration from all forms of art; nothing is trivial anymore. Natural and abstract forms, iconography and illustrations; the world of fashion is feasting on a whole lot of art. So it’s really high time that you got ARTSY too! Read up to know how-

1. Drooling on icons

Schiaparelli couture 2016--drooling onicons-fashionbloggerinindia-theplanetsocial spring summer

 Icons, symbols, and little cartoon figures used to capture our imagination back in the good old childhood days. In attempt to embrace the restless, vibrant child in each of us, prominent designers have incorporated iconography in their collections. Dolce and Gabbana and Elsa Schiaparelli have declared that we are none too old to wear mice and coffee mugs on our clothes! These intriguing elements have been either appliqued or printed on to fabrics. Although, at a cursory glance they may appear as big, goofy motifs; but if you look on carefully there are chances that you’d be charmed by these curious little icons before you know it.

2. Hand me down


2016 has seen a similar thread of trends overlapping in both menswear and womenswear. The trends indicate a lot of hands on, arty trends! That’s right. Elaborate artwork on the length of the hand, stood out distinctively on the runway. Spring flowers or quirky tin work; art presented itself yet again, in its neatly embroidered and detailed form. Delpozo and Versace have decoded a deep correlation between art and ornamentation, through the dexterous application of the same on their creations.

3. Art in waves


  Alena Akhamadullina and Valentino seem to be caught up in quite an arty fix! Rocky waters and tempestuous swirls have been captured on fabric, to translate the drama of our everyday lives into fashion. The bold, striking waves playing across the sensuality of sheer fabric will leave you marveling at the decisive appearance of detailed art on the runway.

4. Imagining Illustrations


We wonder, if Yanina and Dolce & Gabbana left anything to imagination, with their candid display ofdoodles on their creations. Bold, curvaceous and fine line-work were a definite nod to illustrating fashion in the most uncoventional manner. Ballroom dancers and quaint vintage chairs were among the interesting doodles showcased in the collections. These fine illustrations scrawled across dresses and skirts to create a certain mystery.

5. Deep into the wild

We know pretty well that embroidery lies at the very heart of art. The effective use of sequins and the delicacy of thread work, appeals to every art-lover! In a bold fashion statement that has conquered the runway this year, Rodarte and Alexander McQueen created amazing forms of art on fabric through embroidery. Glimmering sequins and exquisite thread-embroidery make for an unmissable visual treat. Don’t ignore fashion’s arty affair this season! Jump straight right into it!

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