The proverb fits for the explorers where it inspires them to never get scared from the truth of travelling. When one travels it needs a lot of courage and self motivation with confidence, to see a different land, a place where you have never been. Thus, travelling is considered to be an experience, an experience of a lifetime, but how do we get to manage the problems and hacks on our voyage?

Being a traveler in this modern era is a blessing for each one of us, because we are blessed with the technology which “Vasco da gama” never had. Becoming a little too much of a friendly user of technology can land you in a paradise and solve half of your issues before hand, while you are already a winner if you’re a tech savvy!

Being a travel blogger and an explorer, these problems have always been on my checklist. To solve them am always keen on the technology review and self expedia of searching the new applications available for users like us, to make our travel easy, happy, fun , and one to create a memorabilia from.

At The Planet Social, we love bringing the curated lists to make your life easy and fun, have a look to all these mobile applications which are a musty for anyone who is planning to travel to somewhere.


Crackle- travel app - travel blogger- traveler- travel hacks-apps

Your one stop solution for passing your time while waiting for your flights at the airport, transit for anyplace or anywhere. This app is a lovely solution for all those who are not much of a reader and don’t have a kindle or a book by any chance but are always in love with few of their television series and movies, this app let’s you do everything for your great experience for free.


Uber - travel blogger- traveler- travel hacks-apps

Now, you’ve reached to a foreign land and have requirement of a cheap transport to reach your destination? Install this Uber-some application, it covers you with the aides from all the local drivers who know everything about the city in the best way possible, the best part is you can check your drivers development for reaching out to you and the time duration.


zomato -travel blogger- traveler- travel hacks-apps

Operating in almost 23 countries, this application is a must-must go for anyone and everyone. There are few features which make this application an outstanding one, which is the feature of searching the nearby places to eat, delivery places, there new feature where they tell you the places according to the categories of your moods and needs.


text-me-app-travel blogger- traveler- travel hacks-apps

Reaching a foreign land doesn’t mean we should forget our loved ones. After all what’s a travel where you don’t miss your loved ones, and get a feeling where you want them with you there at that instant moment to have a moment of experience and love. Don't worry! This application has covered you up. It let’s you text and call for free to the ones you want to talk, for no international charges but for free.


vsco-share-travel blogger- traveler- travel hacks-apps

Photographs are the soul of an expedition. Either it is a picture of yours with the place as a traveller or the photographs of the place as an explorer this application is a one stop for you to share the picture with the world and to connect with people as well. Giving you getter features in filters with some selective options and some great tools to edit, having this application will make you feel great.


googletranslate-travel blogger- traveler- travel hacks-apps

A national or an International trip, both of them needs one thing which is very common that is very essential to remember is the language which is spoken in the land where you’re heading to. Well, no issues as we all know that “ALL IS WELL WHEN GOOGLE IS THERE” things have been made easy with this simple app so from now on just  “GOOGLE beta” — Happy Travelling!

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