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Don’t we all just love to travel? The Planet Social team loves to do so and realised that money might become a problem for some people while travelling. Nobody should limit their travelling experiences because of money so we are providing you with some ideas as to how to save money for travelling as well as while travelling so that you can travel hassle free…


  • Make all reservations smartly and only after cross checking the prices from different websites or agencies. Sometimes, flight bookings and reservations for hotel rooms can save you a hefty amount if done wisely.

  • It’s good to have a travel dedicated fund so that you may not have to arrange money all of a sudden. By having such a fund, you can make plans to travel anytime without much botheration about money.

  • When visiting a place, you should always look forward to eating like a commoner. This way not only you save money but also get to try their street food.

  • You should always prefer using public transportation of the place you are visiting like metro, sharing autos, local trains etc. By doing so, you get to save the money which you spend on conveyance otherwise.

  • Avoid eating at restaurants which are nearby some tourist spot as most of them are costlier as compared to the restaurants a bit far away from it. You can easily manage to cut off your food costs by following this.

  • For reducing the amount you usually spend on shopping while travelling, you can visit the market in morning. You will be able to bargain nicely as well as you can also save yourself from shopping with a lot of people around as it’ll be much more crowded in the evening.


By keeping these things in mind, we are sure that all you travel lovers will be able to travel happily and often that too without burning a hole in your pockets. Happy Travelling!

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