The Smartest thing you can do for yourself is “Be Yourself because Everybody else is already taken”. . Nowhere is this adage more apt than in taking care of your health.

The Planet Social introduces you to a smarter way to understanding and managing your healthcare needs with the experts who will help you and your family members sail through emergencies, medical procedures and check-ups without the hassles of long waiting lines, appointments, sorting your records, getting second opinion, and therefore connecting the dots in getting the best treatment that you should get in this age of personalized medicine.

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We are talking about the first major disruption in healthcare delivery since the advent of organized hospitals in the middle of 19th century. We are talking about medECUBE – an “asset-less” healthcare delivery system based in Gurgaon who are just a phone call away to all your health needs. Let’s take a look at what they do and how important they are to be a part of your lifestyle medical needs.

Founded by Dr. Dilpreet Brar who has spent several years in medical industry as a Doctor and in Administration, this company medECUBE operates on the following platform.

They provide a “system”  called DR.SCAN; comprised of people and technology, that coordinates all aspects of care, clinical and non-clinical, to eliminate the six key friction points of healthcare – Discovery, watch Record & Alerts, Second Opinion, Coordination  forum de site de rencontre gratuit Access, and  source url Navigation.

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This digitalized all-in-one platform is an innovative attempt to address the genuine concerns and issues of patients.We feel this is the first time someone has thought of customer pain points and has integrated them into a workable model to offer best possible solutions. With such visionaries like Dr. Brar we feel blessed to be in this country which has such forward thinking advisors who literally hand hold you throughout the journey of managing your healthcare. A very bold and logical step taken by this company and it has the potential to touch each of our lives and create a hassle-free experience.

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