We all get so excited at the prospect of better careers and better lifestyles…and while everyone wishes hard for this to happen including parents praying fervently for their children to get settled overseas, we all forget the long distance which gets longer as our parents get older and need us more…..

Their days go by wanting to see their children….longing to talk to them and amidst all the emotional turmoil is the really practical reality of a medical health need or emergency….this causes the maximum anxiety both for parents and children…..will I be there beside my parent when I am really needed?

There is a solution to manage your parents health….and be at peace that they are being taken care of ….. The Planet Social introduces you to this awesome company medECUBE ..Their “Care for Parents” is a program which provides support for the parents of NRIs. A 360-degree approach for taking care of the preventive & elective health of your parents and being there in a medical emergency in the absence of close family.

All you need is to sign up with them, and their team of professionals will take care of your parents  and you can be rest assured back home.

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  1. Richa Choudhary December 29, 2016 at 4:14 PM Reply

    This is a great move for kids who have settled abroad. 🙂 A good initiaitve by MEdeCube

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