Smart Decor: Decorating with Style

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Only placing the stuff around is not decorating the area, you need to decorate it with style in order to attain a Smart Decor. Every corner of that area should be utilised properly and styled with smartness. It’s everybody’s dream of having a perfectly styled house or office which along while providing you with all comforts, looks pretty as well. So, today The Planet Social is providing you with a few tips and things to be taken care of for when you wish to decorate with style…


  • Opt for curtains which go with the colour scheme of your house. A poor choice of curtain can make whole ambience of that room dull so it’s better to make a wise choice when it comes to curtains. There’s a variety of curtains available like light and breezy curtains, printed curtains, sheer curtains and more which you can choose from.



  • You can completely change the look of any area by adding a touch of greenery to it. Place indoor plants like English Ivy, Dracaena and Snake plant which does not require lots of space and can be grown inside the house. These plants not only lift up the entire area making it look pretty but also act as humidifiers.



  • The theme of mix and match can be used for decorating any area. It helps you in spicing up the decor by not letting the area remain sober.



  • Add a personalised touch to your home or office by hanging any piece of art made by you on the wall or hanging your or your loved ones’ pictures on it. You can also make a shelf for putting your favourite books on it or anything that makes you happy.


  • Use of bright colours in a room can easily change its appearance. So, you can add a hint of bright colour by placing some colourful stuff to your room like colourful seating, bright coloured pillows or cushions, vivid rugs or even colourful flowers.



These 5 tips are easy to follow and are definitely going to help you decorate with style. Happy Styling!

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