“एक बारिश क्या है? चाय के दो कप , और कुछ विशेष” …

So, this above sentence is an incomplete one without its last word added in it and, that is why The Planet Social is here to make it a perfect one by giving you a list of suggestions to fill the space in the sentence by putting up each one of the options for atleast once.

It has been a little while since I came from my hometown to this favourite land of mine where, I got absorbed in the savors it had to offer me every time my food lust used to persuade me to go out to explore for eating the best and the tasty. Here’s what as a food blogger, I have been craving to write for and to share with you. I always had this question and am sharing this with you guys today, that does it happen with you too that whenever there is a change in season, something good happens or you’re heartbroken… your taste buds send a message to your head to head out in search of the food you can suffice with?

Well, this list present here for all you lovely foodies out there to go and grab the awesome and tasty food these pocket friendly places have to offer you to make you experience something called a “PAR EXCELLENCE” experience..

Check out…


Lala-Babu-Chaat-Bhandaar-top places to get chaat in delhi-foodbloggers-theplanetsocial

COST: RS 80/- For two people.

After all, the bustle you had in office or whatever the reason is, if your hunch in stomach calls for a chaat, head to this place for delicious Gobi Matar samosas and delicious, Gol gappe.


Bishan-Swaroop-top places to get chaat in delhi-foodbloggers-theplanetsocial

Situated on the unruly side streets of Chandni Chowk, this place is totally worth the effort put in finding it. The average cost for two is a meager Rs. 50 for two people! The fruit chaat & aloo kulla (scooped out boiled potato and having the filling of chickpeas with the garnishing of spices and lemon) is totally mouth watering!


Kulcha-King-Bishan-Swaroop-top places to get chaat in delhi-foodbloggers-theplanetsocial

Amid the places of chaat this place has convinced us for the delicious taste it has to offer, For people who want to have a look at the amazing stuff in store before you visit, the place also has its website, www.kulchakingfood.com . Ranging from Rs.70 to Rs. 100 your taste buds will definitely be satisfied!


chaat-old-delhi-Bishan-Swaroop-top places to get chaat in delhi-foodbloggers-theplanetsocial

Situated in the M block, this place is different! They prepare Golgappa water (Pani Puri) only in mineral water and serve Chaat in the most hygienic manner possible. Their taste and servings, both are quite good enough to please anyone. They serve several varieties of Chaat such as Banana Chaat, Aloo Tikki, Bhalla Papari, Spinach Chaat, Pattor Chaat and others. In addition to Chaats, they also serve the best Pan (Betel Leaf Chew) in the town..


Bitto-Tikki-wala-Bishan-Swaroop-top places to get chaat in delhi-foodbloggers-theplanetsocial

Started as a cart, BTW is a franchise now, with nothing that hefty on your pocket, BTW assures you for the tastiest experience you can ever have. filled with corn and many other veggies.. these tikkis are the best I have ever tasted..only for Rs 60/-. So, What’s your plan out for the monsoon, share with us your favourite places to eat around the city and let us know.

Happy Eating!

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