Beauty is how you carry yourself, regardless of your skin or body. Today our perception has changed and thanks to all who has bravely shammed all the age-old concepts of beauty. No matter how much we disgrace the present generation but it is their effort who has boldly put their step forward for a better life. They have spoken loudly and brought the matters in the broad daylight. It is a new found freedom where everyone has the right to live their life. Be you are a dark skinned, fat, short or an acid attack survivor, you are beautiful and free to live. Speaking on this topic one name must be mentioned, whose indomitable spirit has shown that nothing is impossible. Yes, Reshma Qureshi, the acid attack survivor who stunned the New York fashion runway!

Reshma Qureshi

It was her day when she owned the New York fashion runway like a boss and flaunted her beauty with boldness. At first, she couldn’t embrace her past, the horror memory haunted her all the time but slowly she accepted it and bounced back into her life. It is obvious that she can never forget the day when she was attacked and that changed her life and disfigured her face but she can never forget this day also when she walked ramp of New York fashion like a pro.

Reshma Qureshi
From the horror to a beauty queen Reshma has evolved and her transition is an example that you can do anything no matter what. She kicked her dark past and faced life with a new light of joy. Team Social Planet is inspired and hats off to her spirit and bravery.  She owned and owned it like a Queen and this is one special day that added in her book of life.

The 19-year-old, Reshma wore a floor-length gown designed by Archana Kochhar and was very professional in her attitude and aptitude. She described her ramp-walk experience as  “brave” as she held her head high and showed the world what she is capable of.
She said, “I feel really good and the experience was great. I feel as though it has definitely changed my life. Why should we not enjoy our lives? What happened to us is not our fault and we’ve done nothing wrong and so we should also move forward in life.”

Reshma Qureshi
More fashion company like FTL, Moda are trying to change the age-old concept of beauty and they have approached Reshma to walk for them. She already had faced very horrifying and tragic situations with her acid attack. And still her eyes wells up recalling that ugly incident, how her brother-in-law pinned her down while his friends threw acid on her face.

Reshma Qureshi
She is taking her life forward slowly fighting the stereotypical demons of the society. She even became the face of a campaign “Make Love Not Scars”, which works to stop the acid sale in India. She is a live example for all those who are still suffering from the society, Reshma’s journey will prove to be a milestone for many in the present and also in future. We wish her all the best for her life!

Contributed by Somdatta Sarkar

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