“Everyday is a fashion show and the world is a runway” …Coco Chanel

The Planet Social  believes in women who have taken bold steps in their life and have the power to chase their dreams. I introduce you to one such lady who believes that life is all about happiness and one should not shy away in taking it on our stride. Our Power Woman this week is Aanchal Saini – Co Founder Rent It BAE.Power Woman

Adorning her black overcoat and ruling the legal sphere, Aanchal Saini has been wearing the hat of a successful High Court Advocate for 7 years. Court was her second home and working as a lawyer & winning cases was like cakewalk for her. But something was missing as and she was itching to do something which she has been naturally blessed with…entrepreneurship! She was always a powerful dresser and was far far away from predictive clothing. Then came an idea that she completely believed in…she wanted to dress people up..how? So she launched a company called Rent It BAE – An online portal which deals with apparels and accessories from the biggest brands to make you look gorgeous without burning a hole in your pocket.

The Planet Social team met Aanchal Saini and this is what she has to say about her brand new venture…

Social Media has spoilt us to the core and we ladies do not believe in repeating our clothes or handbags or jewelry for that matter, this makes us splurge on shopping. But there are times when we eye products from luxury brands like Prada, Jimmy Choo, GIVENCHY, Saint Lauret, Michael Kors which we cannot afford to buy on a regular basis but we are dying to lay our hands on. What do we do ? Simple … we can now rent all these by just click of a button with rentals so minimal that you will be surprised.

Aanchal Saini- woman entrepreneur - rental market- rentitbae-theplanetsocial

After having a fix on this idea, it took Aanchal 6 months to create this company and leave her hi-flying job and indulge in entrepreneurship which she enjoys totally!

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