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cmc market opzioni His name is Sumit Anand and he left his highly paying cushy job to chase his dream which he strongly feels is much needed for the society.  Often you see the so called “moral police” all over the place chasing out couples who want to spend some time together or are nearing to cozy up…they quickly emerge from nowhere and start making a hue and cry about them.

voltaren 100 mg compresse a rilascio prolungato Taking this insight and really really believing in his idea of providing friendly hotels rooms to traveler and  adult couple without getting into unnecessary hassle he founded this company and The Planet Social had a ball talking to him and discussing how he has been flying beautifully with his startup and how has he faced criticisms?

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finasteride 1mg france While the bold statements angered a whole lot of people around and he nearly missed getting approvals from the payment gateways for his portal, Sumit Anand did not bat an eyelid when he faced these innumerable challenges and today he stands tall with 15 cities and 100 + hotels under his brand and so many people calling him away to get their rooms booked. He is not really a social animal like other startups but yes he has the determination to change the mind set of people and making our country progressive not only with brains but also values and thinking.

With this I really urge you guys to spread a word and help create awareness about love and how youngsters should respect the freedom that they get and not misuse it. If you have any comments please write to us or comment below. We would love to hear from you.


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