Life Shots: Dil, Dosti & Ginger

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Tushi & Vaibhav have been best friends for good number of years before they became a real life couple. Their chemistry was electrifying in many ways and they hardly knew that they liked each other so much. Their love reflects beautifully in their relationship as we see this couple talking about their choices and their love story in this video created by Happy  Flashbacks...Take a look.

Sometimes the sweetest love stories starts with friendship followed by insane number of texts, spending oodles of time together, understanding each other and then slowly they start making their life story more meaningful. After umpteen number of meetings, camping, parties followed by that one moment when you realise that you are inseparable. In their story there was a third one too who gets a lot of attention, it is Tushis’s pet pug – Ginger whom she loves more than anything and Vaibhav hates his share of attention that gets showered on the pug!
Best buddies Tushi & Vaibhav became the perfect romantic couple when they finally took their wedding vows in this video.

Behind the Scenes – Happy Flashbacks created by a real life couple Noopur & Anish conceptualised these videos and had a great time creating these Life shots. Working closely with Tushi & Vaibhav, they were given these three conditions to work on — Tushi found her perfect man to marry – he should not be tall & definitely not a ‘punjabi munda’ ..also he should definitely not be a friend. So they got Vaibhav to play this double role in their pre-wedding video.
 “It was a delight to watch them together :-)” says Noopur from Happy Flashbacks

 “I, along with Vaibhav, knew nothing that was going on throughout the wedding since we were so busy taking blessings from all and more than that just enjoying being “US for life.” So, a few days post the wedding, when people kept raving about the performances, decor, food and the likes, it suddenly dawned upon us that; dude – we saw and noticed nothing! But, with Happy Flashbacks team by our side, we had nothing to worry. These moments that you captured are the most precious and memorable gift from you and we cherish them immensely” – said Tushi & Vaibhav.
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