Music does amazing things to you. It makes you smile, it makes you cry, believe in yourself, make or mar a presentation, gets you on a romantic  foot or for that matter takes you down the pits.  It gives you that punch ..that motivation…that push that nobody else can do.

It has driven my days and nights for sure. I have a different song for every occasion, a new song for every destination, mood and it also helps me keep my sanity in place.

The Planet Social has made a playlist for all you souls who hate Mondays! This is to fire you up and bring the inspiration back in your life…Put your headphones on for this and just indulge…

1. The title track of Dangal

This song can actually make you roarrr like a lion…sher ki ek dahad hai pyaare ..Dangal Dangal. So get up brush asid

2. Sultan’s Title Track

The pacy music and inspiring words will not allow you to look back. Just go ahead and conquer.

3. Ziddi Dil from Mary Kom 

It is all about chasing your dreams. And let your heart tell you what your mind wants. So rule the planet.

4. Besabriyan from MS DHoni- The Untold story

This song gives you that kick in the backside and helps you get back in course.

5. Laksh Title Track

This is my all time favorite. Jolting. Inspiring. And just makes you believe in yourself like how!

6. Badal Pe Paon hai from Chak De

This is all about chasing your Godamn dreams. So Dream it. Do it!

7. Brothers Anthem

This anthem is so motivating that whatever your obstacles may be on the way, it makes you believe that you can overcome them to reach your goal. Period.

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