Have you been to a doctor lately ? Have you been advised surgery or some treatment that you’re not so sure of ? Are you feeling confused or uncertain? Would you like to confirm what has been advised to you?

Are you feeling apprehensive about being able to share the same with your doctor? If you are scared to tell your doctor that you need a second opinion …well you are not alone! You might feel that your doctor will get offended or how can you ever question his/her expertise… The Planet Social can suggest a perfect solution.

It is your right to want a second opinion and doctors do understand and empathize with this need. The opinion maybe the same which will reaffirm your belief and make you confident of the proposed treatment plan or it may offer you another perspective for you to be able to take a different yet informed decision.

Here is real life eye opener and how life  changed for a patient by just taking an opinion from the right person who could see the problem from another perspective and prescribe a different solution.

Studies show as many as 20% of patients seek second medical opinions  in various specialties. And a recent research has found that second opinions often result in different diagnoses or treatments. I urge you to be a smart and an informed individual confident of the treatment being given to you or your family member.

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