Nobody wants to look dull when out in the sun but we can’t stop going out just because of that, no? Missing out all the fun because it’s too sunny outside isn’t something we should be doing. So, The Planet Social is providing you with 8 effective tips to beat the sun and remain beautiful forever…


1. Keep yourself hydrated

This tip comes foremost as it is most important to keep your body hydrated especially when you are out in the sun. Drinking liquids like water, fruit juice or lemonades can do that for you.


2. Switch to water sports for exercising

You can now exercise without being worried about the sun. Water Sports are a fun way to exercise while enjoying in water.


3. Use sunscreen religiously

It’s important to apply sunscreen in order to protect your skin from harmful UV rays which can damage your skin when you are out in the sun for a long time.


4. Go for minimal makeup

You should prefer wearing minimal makeup at this time. Also, try to use waterproof makeup which has some amount of SPF in it to protect your skin.


5. Exfoliate

Exfoliating is a good way to attain soft and smooth skin by removing the dead one.


6. Wear Breathable Fabric

You can choose fabric like cotton and linen for your summer clothing as a breathable fabric makes you feel comfortable even when it’s sunny outside.


7. Keep tissues in your bag

You can either use wet tissues or dry tissues depending on your need.


8. Consider carrying sun shields

Carry a hat or umbrellas so that you block the sun rays and protect yourself with the help of them.


Happy Summers!

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