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You will see major culinary vibes spreading generously across Connaught Place. And this time The Planet Social was invited to a new entrant in the cafe hub called Tafree Cafe nestled beautifully at the Inner Circle onlooking Central Park with a beautiful sight of Indian National Flag fluttering and giving you a sense of pride.

What blew us away?

As it was an exclusive first preview of the variety of food spread they would be offering, the chef did not hand us over the food menu. Surprisingly different, they had a very interactive way to understand about our taste and hence designing the menu accordingly. So hats off to the team.


Walk right up to the second floor and find a beautifully done bohemian setting with colorful murals and bright walls. Part indoor and part out door seating, this cafe had a full section dedicated to their bar. We were comfortably seated in the smoking zone which is pretty much like a terrace cafe. A fun place to be in a typical winter afternoon with soft sun shining on our shoulder and hot refreshing food and drinks served to you with warmth. So, full marks to the ambience and decor of this cafe.

Food that we loved

Coming to all those heavenly dishes that we loved. Going by the cafe culture, we planned to indulge more on the snacks and drinks that they offered. Amongst the appetizers served,  we fell in instant love with Palak Patta Chaat (nice crunchy munchies..must try),

Veg & Non Veg platter which was an assortment of dishes(to my surprise it was a mix of Oriental and Indian preparations – nice attempt), followed by Pesto Chicken (this was yummy, the pesto sauce was just perfect to give the tender chicken a beautiful lingering taste…perfectly done).

The Falafal (lebanese preparation) &

Paneer Tikka (well presented on a colorful cot) were just about ok.

Another hot favorite on our table were the Tafree Special Seekh Kebabs & Zig Zag Fish.

You cannot keep a sea food addict far away from Prawns. So here you go…there were two types preparation – Prawn Masala and Chilly Garlic Prawn.

While Prawn Masala was nice and spicy, Chilly Garlic Prawn tasted like Potato honey chilly. So avoidable. Presentation of dishes were impressive.

Chicken Kali Mirch – A nice change from the saucy dishes.

Nicely plated Aaloo Nazakat was a treat to our eyes. Tasted good as per my fellow bloggers. Till that time…I had my tummy full of the best dishes served in the cafe.

Main course had everything from Hakka Noodles to Creamy cheesy pasta to well cooked Mutton Biriyani. The one dish that I would urge you guys to try would be Lal Maas with Nans. You will not find an authentic rajastani taste…but definitely worth a try.

Drinks to die for

The drinks were and amalgamation of interesting names and flavours.

Don’t Know was a beautiful sun colored drink…watermelon based mocktail. Its sweet and tangy flavor was going with the food spread we were having.

I also tried one of the Molecular drinks – Mojito with different flavored liquer ice. I was not very happy with this drink so Chef presented another interesting drink which was mind blowing…

It was a Chocolate Martini…that was simply wow -licious!

Sweet Binge-ing

All ends well if the meals ends with a perfect dessert!

Out of the two sweet options we tried- Tiramisu & Blueberry Cheesecake..our verdict is just go for Tiramisu Tiramisu & Tiramisu. The rich creamy indulging sweet dish was just purrrrfect to end the meal. It was so good that I could not get a chance to take a picture so enjoy the picture below of the blueberry cheesecake.

So …we would strongly recommend to you to visit and eat in this centrally located Tafree Cafe & Bar not only for its brilliance in ambience but also for the variety of food that they offer. Service was also pretty good.

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