Dress up contemporary, Indian or casual. Be it everyday couture or a date night or a fun gathering with your girls, this app – Rent it BAE has nailed it with some of the best brands under the sun and the choicest of collections to dress you up. Dresses, kurtis, accessories or glamorous eye wear, you will find it all as you scroll through a beautiful collection in this app. You can now wear a GUCCI or a PRADA; Jimmy Choo or CHLOE by just paying peanuts. This rental app is just too unbelievable to be true.


This app is so easy to use and order and their convenient interface just makes it happen by the click of button and in no time you will get a call from the team ensuring that your order reaches you on time!

Seeing this unbelievable one-stop-shop for rentals me and Natasha went crazy renting out some really chic jewellery, eye wear, a hand purse and guess what with each order we got a surprise item! Must say the way these products reach you and the packaging is really very impressive. It actually brightens up your day!


It was a lunch date for Natasha and she wanted a neck piece to enhance her look that day. So rented this gorgeous mother of pearl neck piece which was a perfect match with her off shoulder top. Her date loved her look and her day was made. So why buy something that you do not want to repeat or why restrict yourself to get to wear or carry brands that you cannot afford. With Rent it Bae all these problems becomes so simple and easily accessible.


I had to go for my son’s besitie’s day birthday party so I wanted to carry a nice purse that could go with my outfit. SO I quickly scrolled through the app and got myself a pink PRADA purse and a FENDI eyewear.

 Nora- Prada-theplanetsocia-rentibae

When we women actually go out shopping especially branded items we always try to get base colours to play safe. I always wanted a baby pink purse but have never gone ahead and bought one. This time I was so happy with my decision to rent these gorgeous products.

Nora-fendi sunglasses-renitbae-theplanetsocial

To add to all these wonderful products, they also sent some really beautiful chunky bracelets that matched up my outfit very well.


They even have some gorgeous Indian outfits that you ladies will go gaga about! So let this festive time be flooded with gorgeous outfits and accessories from Rent It Bae. Just download the app and rent it!

Happy Renting!

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