The Planet Social loves to share with you all the fashion trends so as to keep you updated all the time. Accessorising ourselves is something all of us love to do and one of the most important accessories is rings. So, here is a list of different rings which not only ring lovers but all of you would love to add to your collection…

1. Mid Ring


Mid rings are those rings which are worn on the tops of your fingers. Also, you can easily pair them with other rings.

2. Thumb Ring



Thumb rings are unique and can be pulled off with any attire. You can find many modern designs in thumb rings easily and make your ring collection complete.


3. Multi Finger Ring


Multi finger rings are sure to make you fall in love with them. These rings are worn in two or sometimes more fingers. Wear one beautiful multi finger ring and you are all set to make your ring game on point.



4. Nail Ring


Nail rings are new and trendy. After all, your nails need to be adorned too. You can pair them with your other rings as well.


5. Full Finger Ring


Full finger rings are all you need to stand apart. You need not wear any other ring when wearing this particular ring as they are enough to make your fingers look noticeable.

6. Alphabet Ring


Alphabet rings look really beautiful when worn. They can easily catch anyone’s attention and gain you compliments.

7. Bar Ring


Bar rings provide you with a very classy look when worn. They mostly go with all the outfits be it formal, casual or ethnic.

8. Charm Ring


Charm bracelets are already very popular so why not try charm rings?



You can also stack different rings in one finger. Stacking up rings is a great way of showing off your rings while making a unique style statement. Happy Styling!

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