Marketplace start ups are literally conquering the world. I mean it. The software and digital world is evolving every single day and we love being digitally savvy and playing with the latest apps to make our life simpler. It is happening and we are loving the change! So, you all must have heard about companies creating marketplaces for everything under the sun – from clothes to undergarments, stationary to veges & groceries, accessories and gadgets to dating hubs. You name it and they have created it for you.  So, what is a marketplace company? It’s a platform that connects buyers and sellers of a specific product or service. These companies tend to challenge the status quo of an industry, sometimes finding great success in their industry and e-commerce store for marketing is very much in.
The Planet Social team  found their Power Couple this week who not only does the above but is successfully creating a well networked model in attracting marketing experts and connecting them to users to provide unique experiences with a powerful pricing strategy. This interesting duo – Vivek & Nehal have created a one stop shop..a marketplace for marketing! Quiet a tongue twister…but let me show you our conversation with the startup founders who left their cushy & well paying jobs  to start their creative venture called – YellowBulbs.

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Marketing is the core of every brand. Every marketing campaign designed helps a brand to reach new heights. But, the industry that is more than Rs 50,000 crore in size, is still fragmented. It becomes difficult for a brand to choose the right marketing partner and then get the output right the first time. This process can be time-consuming, and at times brands still don’t get desired results. To fill this gap, the husband-wife duo, Nehal and Vivek Modi, created an online platform that is aimed to build business into brands. Launched as a marketing marketplace in May this year, YellowBulbs is a platform that works in eight broad marketing categories and help brands to connect with service providers. Their website has witnessed a huge traction among both brands and service partners.
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While chatting with this magnetic couple, we found out more about how their journey as entrepreneurs … It began the day both Nehal & Vivek had moved to their base from Kolkata to Noida in 2014, came up with the idea of collaborating businesses with creative service providers. The first step towards achieving this was to create a first-hand curated base of specialists, a task which Nehal ( A CA by qualifilcation with rich experience of over 12 yrs in Banking & Finance) took over. While they invested some time in collecting authentic information of service providers, it was in 2015 when the company, YellowBulbs, got its first project and has grown
strength to strength since then.
Yellow Bulbs- theplanetsocial- power couple - pwer series- market place - startups - vivek - nehal
Vivek on the other hand during his tenure of 15 years as an advertising executive, sales manager, brand
manager & business leader, observed that the brands were only reaching out to big agencies.
But, in times when there was an urgent requirement, these conglomerates would either offer services on time or creatively. To deliver the two together they asked for either more time or quote premium price. With YellowBulbs, Vivek planned to cut down this inefficiency and allow businesses to reach out to
solution/service partners who could give them a customised solution in time and at a competitive price.
This is how the couple took the plunge into entrepreneurship and are now happily running their firm and enjoying everyday at work. This ladies and gentleman is called passion and determination to conquer their dreams.
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  1. Dr Bhavesh Thakkar October 2, 2016 at 9:02 AM Reply

    Vicky and Nehal, a true power couple!!
    Wishing both of you loads of good wishes for the new and innovative venture.
    God bless

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