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Hey, there! It’s Tuesday today and here we are with another blog post for our dedicated day on Travel series @The Planet Social. We have been constantly thinking this week that what all can we bring for you all to read? With many suggestions and ideas brewing at our tables and laptops we came up with some very interesting, funny, adventurous thoughts and ideas which brought us to a decision to dedicate ourselves to present some unravelling and great that you might have never thought about. Or maybe, you have heard about it but ignored. Well, that is possibly the same reason we had in our heads when we tried to draw some consensus out of all the discussion to write this article for all you travel enthusiasts out there. So, this time for all smart travellers here are few of those most famous and maybe unidentified tours. Come explore Delhi on foot!


Delhi on foot!
Yes, foot it is. One of the best tours one can go for or should choose in order to know the best out of this unique and yet exuberant capital of India. Delhi by foot believes in bringing forth the sights, sounds and feel of Delhi, they assure to take in the specially curated local flavours and experience the tangible depiction of the particular area. You get to discover Delhi one step at a time.


Delhi on foot!
Their name says it all. Yes, they prove to be the best in Delhi to show you what this city has in its feathered crown. It introduces you to a rich historical past and a city where traditionalism and modernism walk and live side by side. At Delhi Heritage Walk you can choose your own areas of walk and they will happily organise a tour for you.


Delhi on foot!
The brainchild of Himanshu Verma, Red Earth is an art organisation with a unique way of arranging an exemplary walk for you to cherish. They organise a walk which not only covers the monuments but also take you to those spots which are passed by many and mentioned by none.


Delhi on foot!
Specialised in offering more than a walk for a tourist and an experience from the outer circle of any region, Indomania cultural tours believes in giving the experience to take with you for a lifetime. They offer you an ultimate experience of making you connect with the locals, learn their skills and understand their conditions.


Delhi on foot!
They promise to showcase Delhi through its religion, culture, food, bazaars, monuments and streets etc. The varied tours have been designed by people with a deep understanding of India’s history, culture, cuisine and quirks. Their tour menu is quite extensive and unique.
So, why wait? Walk-in to one of these walks and share your experience with us.
Happy Travelling!

Special Contributor– Mohammed Sajid.

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