option now Deepa Malik, the star beyond the mass!

enter The above quote written by famous poet Allama Iqbal truly defines the mighty power of inner strength which a human possess. You see, when God was creating this world he had many options for all of us to be created as one of those other species. He could’ve easily made us born as one of those animals whom the world is going gaga about being slaughtered or maybe those ants who work hard every now and then, but why humans? Well, here’s the answer to it, God wanted us to be the revolutionaries, the ones who can create magic on this earth through his commands, our visions and hard work. He gave humans a body much similar to animals but something which was different was our brain, brain that has created world wars and crisis of water and what not! Well, we were made to accomplish those things which in reality make the present world where we get to read, write and run. Where many of those humans are investing their time in creating tensions amongst our own kind, few of them are doing amazing and selfless work to make our human race feel proud from their respective part of nations in the world like  Deepa Malik, the star beyond the mass!

sitios de citas gratis uruguay Deepa Malik, the star beyond the mass!Yes, we are talking about 2016 RIO Paralympics and their stars who represented their nations by rising above hate. This time Team Planet Social has decided to give recognize these prodigies one by one.

Deepa Malik who’s an Indian athlete. She is the first Indian woman to win a medal in Paralympic Games and won a Silver medal at the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Shot put. She has won accolades for her participation in various adventure sports. Deepa is the wife of a veteran cavalier Colonel Bikram Singh and daughter of a veteran Infantry Colonel BK Nagpal.

erythromycin buy uk Deepa Malik, the star beyond the mass!She is the mother of two adult daughters. She is currently being supported by the GoSports Foundation through their Para Champions Programme. She bagged a silver medal in the shotput F-53 event. Her throw of 4.61m was the best in her six attempts.

can you buy prilosec in australia She is a paraplegic, paralysed from waist down and mother of two and wife of an Army officer. Life took a twist when a spinal tumor made walking impossible 17 years ago. The spinal tumor had to be operated and 31 surgeries were conducted on Deepa which was healed after 183 stitches between her waist and legs.

buy zoloft without a prescription Deepa Malik, the star beyond the mass!With the win, she confirmed India’s third medal from the Rio Paralympics. She will receive a cash award of Rs. 4 crore under Haryana Sports Scheme for winning the silver medal.

Deepa’s silver is third medal of the Games after gold and bronze were won by Mariyappan Thangavelu and Varun Singh Bhati in men’s high jump. She’s also a motivational speaker who shares her experiences to make better India and a rebel at heart, who fears nothing and accomplishes everything she sets for.

Deepa Malik, the star beyond the mass!We congratulate her and expect ourselves to stand firm like her someday!

Deepa Malik, the star beyond the mass!

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