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profil- nora

Nora Bali – Co Founder, The Planet Social
Creative Content Writer & Explorer
My love to find creativity in simple things made me believe that I can bring in a lot of fun and interesting ideas for the world to see, believe, comprehend and love. I like to bring smiles, when they read my blog. Absolutely dig writing, as my world is like a never ending novel. Each day unfolds so many beautiful stories that I share that inspires a beautiful living in this little big planet which we call – The Planet Social.

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Natasha Gupta – Co Founder, The Planet Social
Digital Media Genius & Style Maven
My love to discover new things that enhances lifestyle and a strong belief that the world will be a better place if we interpret ourselves from the outside which is a reflection of what’s inside. Known to be a workaholic, this blogger and a communication expert manages to juggle work, family and her social calendar with panache.