After a long tiring mountain journey, when Tina & Arvind (Names Changed) tried to book a room in Nainital, all they got was  denial. “Sorry Mam we do not have any rooms for you”. The interesting thing to ponder here was off season and it just sounded so impossible to get the same answer from 3 other hotels after they checked their ids. Well as progressive as we think we are, Indian hospitality industry is yet to go miles to accept unmarried couples (with valid id’s of course)and provide them rooms without raising an eyebrow.

Even if these couples manage to get themselves a room, there is a constant fear that persists during their stay  about them getting dragged into raids and surprise inspection of sorts. So where do these couples go to spend time together? Well your guess is as good as mine..they go to parks, beaches or public areas and find their corner or bush. All I want to say to these “moral police” who hover around these couples — Grow up!

To my surprise when we probed more  and read about this topic, we found out that time and again, the Supreme Court has said that it is legal for unmarried couples to stay together. So whom are we fooling here.

To solve these problems of couples (married or unmarried), and interesting and dynamic duo – Sumit Anand and Amardeep Khichi came together to form a company called “LUVSTAY“. This New Delhi based startup not only focuses in providing rooms for couples, but they aim to give them space – be it a coffee shop or organising gifts or something special for your special one!

This startup assures you that you will not be troubled during your stay and all you have to do is go to their website and book yourself a room, resort, coffee table, honeymoon suite or an apartment. Rest they will handle. They are even planning to tie up with cabbies so that your commute is taken care of.

We had a long chat with the fonder of Luvstay and you will be able to see the full episode soon.

Any questions related to this startup, please drop in an email (  and we will help you lovely couples to have a time of your life!

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