Smart Décor: 6 stores to inspire you!

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What do they say about home? Well, they say that the way the home is kept is the exact way how the upbringing is. The best example to support this is the ancient time. Each region had its own type of infrastructure and type of colour palette selection to show their superior taste in their lifestyle they lead. Thus, the legacy is following. No matter, how fashionable, trendy and educated we become few things will never change. The Planet Social has a team of a high standard and they plan to bring a quality for all you readers. Oh, what a beautiful job! Thus, this time, I have brought a list of 6 stores to inspire you for the next super-renovation you are planning to do.


6 stores to inspire you

This one-of-a-kind retail concept presents a range of limited edition pieces that ferment the brand’s legacy whilst ensuring the  appealing trendy and vibrant urban consumer. The all-new showcase is a composition of home and fashion accessories by Raseel Gujral Ansal, along with hand-picked products, in tandem with the personality of POP.


6 stores to inspire you

A powerhouse of contemporary chic, Address Home, the luxury home décor brand, recently opened its first store in Kolkata. Whatever it is and how much expensive this place is surely a pie to your eye.


6 stores to inspire you

With sophistication and an expertise in English style decor this place is your destination if you’re planning to have an ideal look inside your house. It is inspired by those colonial times of decorations with better options.


6 stores to inspire you

Located in a striking heritage mansion is Simone Arora’s eponymous luxury living store. Sprawling across 8,000sq.ft. the boutique houses everything from furniture, fine fabrics, artefacts, accessories, table linen to lighting, wall art, carpets, tableware and more.


6 stores to inspire you

Holsters, comfortable designs and interiors that look rich and comfy .i.e. those are the qualities which you can find anywhere of her stores. These are the best place to but some stuff for that study room you wish to design which is closer to you than the bedroom.


6 stores to inspire you

sophisticated candle stands, gorgeous glassware and covetable dinner sets, add to that linen in natural fabrics and a range of home accessories these all makes it a favourite place to hope on.

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